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Cosmopolitan Translations is a modern and highly professional translation agency with innovative translation solutions

Progress & Growth

We know that making bad decisions can affect the quality of your business. You need a partner you will trust and who will help you on your path of progress and growth as a company.

Accuracy & Consistency

Our agency was set up by the group of experts with the main goal to connect people and overcome language and cultural barriers through innovative translation solutions. Providing you with accuracy, consistency, and translations based on your industry’s terminology, we aim to meet all your needs. Become a partner with us today and together we will focus on improving the efficiency of your business.

Years of Expertise

Cosmopolitan Translations is a modern and highly professional translation agency that employs translators with years of experience in various fields of expertise. We know that trust will be developed as we deliver on our promises of fast, cost-effective and outstanding professional end results.


Cosmopolitan Translations strives to provide the best services ensuring the quality and privacy with rapid delivery. Simple per-word pricing with no minimums is based on volume and enables you to obtain high-quality human translation at affordable price without minimum spend, setup fees or hidden costs. We are continuously trying to expand our field of languages as well as keeping our highest level of quality and knowledge of our experts.

Currently, we are offering services in 38 languages:






Portuguese (EU & BR)

































Cosmopolitan Translations provides a wide range of services:

Cosmopolitan Translations offers a translation of documents from diverse areas. We have translating experience in a variety of industries, including software development, information technology, telecommunications, financial and accounting services, legal, electrical and mechanic engineering, construction, medical, chemistry and biology, sports and entertainment, marketing and social field.


We provide our clients with professional service through the combination of experienced and qualified experts from specific area. Also, we translate academic, professional qualifications, personal legal documents (birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, etc.), CV and other official documents for which we provide the appropriate authentication certificate.


Each translation goes through three stages: document analysis, translation, and proofreading. The final phase is very important to determine whether the interpreter respects the language from which the document is translated and to ensure complete consistency between the original and translated content.

Cosmopolitan Translations offers software localisation services, manuals, resource files and other types of content in this specific area. Knowing that software localisation is very complex, it is important to acquire the highest level of language proficiency and solid understanding of software applications. We have many years of experience in software localisation and our experts have translated numerous websites, applications, user interfaces, help files, etc. that represent distinct workflows in this unique process that must be coordinated in order to ensure the greatest consistency in the final product.


We offer a complete solution for your software globalisation that includes strategy consultation, localisation and, finally, functional testing. The main point of this complex process is to secure that your software is linguistically accurate and culturally appropriate. By testing your software in its native context, we are able to detect errors that appear in runtime environment and influence users’ overall experience.

Cosmopolitan Translations as an international translation agency has a team of professionals in transcription service. We provide you with fast and accurate service of audio transcription- speech conversion into a written text document.


Transcription is divided in two phases – the professional stenographer transcribes the recording after which it is tested for accuracy and consistency.

Cosmopolitan Translations provides you with proofreading service. We know how the accuracy and quality of contents are important, so we are examining your documents carefully in order to prevent and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style and spelling.

Cosmopolitan Translations offers copywriting and content writing services and make you easier to put your thoughts and ideas into words. Furthermore, we help you to sell and promote your products, services and persuade your future customers to take action. Our goal is to increase brand awareness and business strength in order to attract additional value to clients, conquer your competitors and rank higher in the search engine.

Cosmopolitan Translations provides you with translations certified by court interpreters who, with their seal and signature, guarantee that the document is identical with the original document.


For certification by the court interpreter, it is necessary to submit the original document or its certified copy.


We offer court interpreting service of the following documents:

  • certificates
  • contracts
  • personal documents
  • final report cards, diplomas
  • excerpts from the registry
  • authorisations and powers of attorney
  • police reports
  • medical records

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